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What is MTR?

MTR is software used for network diagnostics, that combines the functions of ping and traceroute.

It helps you determine the trace a packet needs to take from your device to the destination server, but it also sends multiple packets over time (usually one every second) and keeps track of the response times. Additionally, it records packet loss over the route.


Using MTR, you are able to identify bad connection between two given points as well as determine any latency issues or packet loss. is used for this tutorial, however to determine network issues when connecting to your domains server, simply replace with your server ip (without the port).

How to use MTR on Windows

Download and install the WinMTR application.

Open WinMTR, type your domain name in the Host field and press Start. The application will keep sending packets and log the response times until you hit Stop.


How to use MTR on Linux

    1. Install MTR.
      • On Debian, Ubuntu and Debian based systems:

sudo apt-get install mtr

      • On CentOS, Fedora and RHEL based systems:

sudo yum install mtr

    1. Type the following command in the terminal to run MTR:

mtr followed by a space and the name of your domain

Example: sudo mtr



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